Welo Opal, also known as Ethiopian Opal, possesses a multitude of qualities and varieties that make it a captivating gemstone. One of its most celebrated features is its play-of-color, which displays a stunning array of vibrant hues when viewed from different angles. This opal variety also exhibits a unique hydrophane property, allowing it to absorb water and temporarily become translucent, intensifying the visibility of its play-of-color. Welo Opal comes in various body tones, ranging from dark to light, offering a wide spectrum of background colors that can enhance the play-of-color. Additionally, the opal forms within volcanic rock, often showcasing intriguing patterns and inclusions, further adding to the allure and uniqueness of each gemstone. With its exceptional qualities and diverse varieties, Welo Opal continues to captivate gemstone enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

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